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2007 GH Fan Club Weekend!

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July 16th, 2007

We're all home and settled and ready to start writing and to fire those picture disks back and forth across the nation! We will have columns posted over the next couple of weeks with sooo many photos you won't be able to stand it. I'll have a sample for you in the next day or so to get you started. This will be our last Live Journal entry (although I will keep the link on the Front Page for those who have not yet read the entries.

The really big news is that the Q Brunch served up a LOT of surprise guests that, I have to tell you, had me totally star struck:

Rachel Ames (Audrey): I started babbling like an idiot. "I have watched since you first episode and I loved your stewardess outfit and I was 4 and cried because *I* couldn't have one like it and I think you're wonderful and thank you so much for coming here today and will you sign this?" I'm a dork, what can I say?

Chris Robinson (Rick Webber #2): I asked if I could have a photo with him and he said "absolutely!" and I started walking around behind the table to get one and someone else called him down to take a photo with Denise Alexander (Lesley) and he ditched me flat.

Gail Ramsey (Susan Moore): When the commemorative DVD to honor 30 Years of Alan and Monica was showing and it came to Alan's death scene where he said, "I have never loved any woman but you, Monica," Gail yelled out, "I OBJECT!"

Steve Bond (Jimmy Lee Holt): This boy looks rode hard and put up wet and has that George Hamilton tan thing going on. When Starr asked for his autograph he immediately said, "You have no idea who I am, do you? You aren't nearly old enough." She fired back, "No, but my Mom says I'm supposed to like you." That's my girl.

John Reilly: He's still Sean Donely. Don't let anyone kid you.

I was sorry to see Jane Elliot did not come. I know she doesn't do fan events, but I thought she might make an exception since this is the 30th anniversary of Alan and Monica. I thought sure Steve Burton would be there as the prodigal son. I hoped for Sean Canan or Billy Warlock. What can I say, I'm greedy!

The LCFC did a fantastic job on the commemorative DVD and I would LOVE to get a copy of it. They should market it for Leslie's charity!

Rick Hearst's event went well and Lonnnnng as he talked everyone's leg off and let them hold his (very heavy) Emmy Award. He also announced that he will be getting a dad on the show as the role of Trevor Lansing is cast.

More to come!!

July 14th, 2007

From Carolyn at the GHFCW!


Wow! This has been an interesting few days to say the least!  Thankfully my feet aren't throbbing with the same pain of years past but the back problems I have really put a damper on me running my ass off.  And I was banking on losing some of my ass running around at this event so I'm not too happy it's stayed attached. Alright, on to something you care about; the event.

First of all, I have to say I don't have much gossip or news.  There is some stuff I really think is absolute so I'll give you that but I'm not going to call it gossip or news, just what I've been told.   It's not from a source, it's straight from the mouths of some of the actors (whose names I won't mention).

Cooper Barrett is NOT Sonny and Brenda's son. 

Spinellis is NOT Kate and Sonny's son.

Sonny and Carly are NOT getting back together any time soon.

Something else I heard but I'm calling this gossip, not news or a spoiler, is that Jerry/Craig and Carly are going to 'hook up'.  I don't know if it's a blackmail-type of hook up or if they actually start to 'like' each other but if it's true, that sure puts a damper on the whole Sonny and Carly and Jax and Carly story.  Plus, it's going to be quite stressful for her mother...Carly taking another one of her lovers.  We'll see if this develops into a reality.

Bergen Williams is pushing for a Big Alice/Coleman hook up.  She truly thinks Alice would be the type to go to a bar and play pool and isn't at all opposed to a pool table scene (such as Skye and Coleman) shared with Coleman, of course. I told her I'd be more than happy to be her stunt double for that scene if necessary.

The build up and pumping of NightShift has been huge.  The poor actors from the show sat at their tables and the GH fans weren't sure what to do with them.  We all explained to those actors to enjoy it now because next year they'll be slammed and exhausted after the event.

Speaking of slammed and exhausted...two newbies come to mind.  "Logan" and "Coop" were gracious and blown away at the fan response.  Poor Josh (Logan) had no clue.  He walked in to the Kick off event and was immediately swamped with fans. I grabbed him and dragged him away and said, "You can't just walk in like that!" to which he responded, "I...I...I didn't know!"  Jim Warren scooped him up from me and took over so he ended up safe.  Poor guy.  I think it really freaked him out.  He was worried today of being the 'bad' guy and said he's shy and didn't want to upset any of the fans.  I laughed and told him he's cute and young and women love the bad boys so he'd be just fine.  And he was.

Jerry/Craig (Sebastian Roche) thought he'd be tucked into a back corner today with little activity.  I laughed in extremely attractive face and said he'd be swamped.  He was. It's nice to know this stuff and feel like I can offer my wonderfully experienced opinion! 

I've got more but I'm beat and I have to have something to write when I get home!

Take care!

July 13th, 2007

From Kathryn

There is so much to say and no time to type so I'll limit this entry to bits and tantalizing pieces.

We haven't seen the naked man yet, but we are looking. We have it on good authority from a man in an orange baseball cap that he's running around somewhere!

Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton are buddies off screen as well as on.

Remember the scene where Spinelli had a gun in his pants? I don't remember it and now I am going to have to find it. I'm not even sure if it aired yet but here's a tidbit. The gun was not supposed to be in Spinelli's pants, he tends to ad lib, and Lindze Letterman could hardly do the scene because the gun was in his pants, and really what else was there to look at?

Night Shift was a huge hit if the cheers were anything to go by. Big screens were set up around the room and after the bands were done playing at the kickoff party a special showing of Night Shift played. I didn't see it because I was in the entry area waiting for Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson arrive since I was helping with escorting. SB and BA had their own escort so all I did was watch in admiration as SB with his really cool longer hair and his puppy....ahhh, I mean, Bradford Anderson walked by for a special appearance at the Kickoff party.

Sebastian Roche could charm the wings right off a butterfly if he chose to.

Like Logan and Cooper on screen? They are even yummier in person. A little overwhelmed when they first arrived at the Kick off party but good game players and fun.

Ignaccio Serricchio will be on Ghost Whisperer as a major character next season of you like that show.

Scott Clifton is all grown up and he seemed excited about moving forward but sad to be leaving GH.

Adrian Alvarado wears a tool belt.

There are several golfers among the GH cast.

That's it for now. Ted King is calling my name so I must make sure my lipstick is smooth and my rhinestone sunglasses and tiara are
ready for action. You never know when another Eye On Soaps photo op will pop up.

From Miss Starr

Yesterday Miss Katrina and I got to the hotel before most and when Kathryn and Carolyn showed up, we had lunch. Halfway through our dining and cathing up, a man (looking rather exasperated) runs into the outside area of the Patio Cafe and askes us if we had seen a naked man in a Red Sox cap running around; to which we replied: "No." He then asked: "Are you sure?" To which we said "I think we would have noticed that." He proceded to tell us that he'd been running around the day before as well.

Then we spent a fairly large chunk of time discussing whether or not he was cute.

Speaking of the Red Sox. This morning at Bradford's event, I was sitting next to a precious little girl named Hailey. When Mr. Anderson (haha Matrix) came to sign her picture, the first words out of her mouth were "Philly's beat Yankees anyday." He then laughed so hard he was (I am completely serious about this, folks) on the floor, banging his fist at such hilarity. Then he talked about how he used to live in Philadelphia and like the Phillys.

I got a hug (*squee*) and three autographs and actually had a conversation with him.

I have befriended Dylan Cash. Yes, I really did. Because of Pokemon. He asked me to quiz him on any generation. I asked him who first played Ash, how to get the three glitches in Pokemon Ruby, and something else that I forgot. He answered none of them. Then he showed me some EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) he'd taken himself in this very hotel. Some of them sounded cool, but the rest just sounded like him breathing. He stuttered (hehe).

Oh! I found these itty bitty grapes at the Ralph's across the street (champagne grapes) and looked through the whole store in search of Pocky. Couldn't find any. Then I looked again and they only had packages with one pack instead of the ones with two, so we bought three and I gave one to Mr. Cash.

I hugged Dominic Rains for almost a minute and a half. Yay.

That's it for now as we must run to catch the end of Greg Vaughan's event.



Here are a very few to get you started!  Lots more to come!


Hi Everyone!


We are having such an amazing time!  As I suspected, this is turning out to be absolutely the very best fan event I've ever attended!  Carolyn, Kathy, Trish, Starr and I are attending TONS of events with!  lots of photos and fun and recap joy for you and we can't wait to share it (but we have to because our events are back to back to back and I am stealing time from Greg Vaughan just to type this to you!

We have the Ted King event coming up and his  "people" say that he has  MAJOR annoucement to make!

Starr Raven Madde had a VERY exciting meeting with one of her heroes, Bradford Anderson and now loves him even more.  

The kick off party was a HUGE success and tons of stars were there mingling with everyone just like you were at a party and they happened to be guests there,

I have to tell you, Sebastian Roche and Jason Gerhardt are two men for whom the camera does NO justice.  They are both just melt in your mouth TASTY.  The new Night Shift guys are tremendously hawt as well!

Also, Starr is over my shoulder saying, "Ooooh!!!  Dominic Rains!!  SQUEEEEEE!"  (One of the Night Shift guys - Looks like Sayid from "Lost."   When I was taking her photo with him, I pretended my camera was malfunctioning so she could have a longer clinch with him).

I'm going to try and do a post with a couple of photos.  My computer connection here at the hotel is totally the suck, which is why I resorted to Live Journal again.

Next post...photos, then more later!

(By the way, we are so wearing our tiaras and people are DYING for them.  Ha!)


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